If you took inventory of your life today, you’d discover…
that every circumstance, challenge, opportunity and achievement you experience fits into 7 major categories:  Fitness, Finance, Family, Field (career or how you spend your day), Faith, Friends and Fun.  We call these “The 7 F’s of Oola”, and focusing on improving in each of these areas will get you to your dream life faster than any other way.
THE BALANCE LAB online workshop is designed to dive deep into these 7 areas.  Uncover your blind spots, find your stress points and help you put it all back together again.

Join me for this life-changing 4-hour online Live workshop and learn the strategies to re-engage with your passions and truly live your dream.

This online Live workshop is 4 hours and are scheduled regularly - Check back or send me a message for the next dates.  

Workshops are Live but will be recorded and shared with participants so you can see it again anytime.  Space is very limited so you receive quality time and coaching.

In this online workshop we will uncover 
we face in this Unbalanced World
Problem 1:  Degrading Health and Wellness
Whether it is not finding the time or not knowing what to do, your health can easily become an afterthought. Many of my clients found themselves slowly getting out of shape, unhealthy and quickly losing self-confidence. But it doesn’t have to be that way.  In this workshop we will spend quality time discussing fitness and overall wellness and how you can live a healthier, happier and more intimate life.

Problem 2:  Financial Stress

Savings accounts are stressed, debt is high, people are furloughed or laid off, business revenue is down and hours are cut.  If any of this describes your life, then it is time to pivot to a new plan.  But, what is your PLAN for financial freedom?  In this workshop we will help you answer that question and start putting it all back together.
Problem 3:  Normal family life has been hijacked
Full-time school, part-time school, homeschool or online school have all become nonstop topics of conversation.  Mix that in with home offices, not seeing loved ones and uncertainty around family gatherings and you have a highjacked family dynamic like we’ve never experienced.  I understand this completely, I have a mom who I can’t see and daughters who are juggling so many more things than ever before and I've been navigating a new 24/7 day with hubby.  There is hope.  “Family” looks different for all of us, but there is a new family life that you can settle into that you will love and find comfort in.  We will dig deep into this during this online workshop.


Problem 4:  Your career or the way you spend your day may never be the same
I have had so many clients tell me “After working from home for the last couple of months, I don’t want to go back!  Actually I am not sure if I even want to be in the same line of work” or “I have no idea what to do with days, I am bored!”.  If you feel this way, let’s figure it out together.  If you feel its time for a change, you are in the right place!

Problem 5:  
Your Faith is being challenged

The best part of a spiritual community is the community part.  If you are like me and many others, it has become difficult to stay motivated and current in your spiritual practice-whatever that looks like for you.  But there is a way to lean into or rekindle your faith at a higher level than ever before

Problem 6:  
Loneliness is the new pandemic

One of the biggest concerns today is loneliness. Our social life has moved primarily online and the human interaction piece has been very limited.  In this online workshop we will uncover ways for you to plug back into your friends network and who knows,  you may make new friends as part of this amazing workshop

Problem 7:  
Losing purpose and lack of fun

Oh boy!  This is a big one.  Life should be about having fun and creating memories.  Not only has much of this been cancelled by the pandemic, many of us don’t put priority on fun - I hear you! One thing I learned from Oola, it is that Fun is an extremely important part of life!  If you feel you’ve forgotten how to have fun, we will uncover why this is the best time ever to discover new passions and find amazing new ways to create memories and have the best time of your life now! 

Learn to Dream Again and Live your Life with Passion and Balance

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